Unknown Alps Switches Keyboard w/ built in Track Pad.

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01 Oct 2018, 01:15

I found this decent little unlabeled keyboard with really nice tactile alps switched in it. The layout is nice and it has a built in track pad. the back plate is steel so there is no twisting in the board. Keycaps are ok (about as thin as modern Cherries), some are double shot and some have a clear window for lights below.
I was hoping to see some hints of its origin when I opened it up but unfortunately there are no logos or serial numbers inside that I spotted. If you know anything about its history/ usage/ origin please feel free to share.
I have more keyboards than I know what to do with so Im considering desoldering all the switched and trashing the rest of the keyboard. I could use the alps switches for parts. If anyone wants to save it from ruin please DM me with an offer.

More pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/OOzRoDh
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01 Oct 2018, 01:48

Unusual to find US ISO caps so i am sure there would be someone out there that wants them so i would save the caps. It looks like it was designed to go in a server rack hence the compact layout and trackpad. I would say the switches are probably simplified whites going by the fact it has windows keys so was probably made 95 or 96. Interesting to note the lock indicators are still using white sliders. Quite an unusual board the keycap set alone would be good for a 95% layout should anyone want to build an alps custom bigger then a 60%

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01 Oct 2018, 03:40

Found some really great info on this thread:
keyboards-f2/awesome-work-find-glidepoi ... 14521.html

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ALPS キーボード

11 Oct 2018, 20:22

These are somewhat common. It's probably an Acme K8, though this one looks ever so slightly different than the usual one. There is an incomplete entry on the wiki for it.



15 Dec 2018, 21:50

I found a somewhat similar (but dark, with black Alps and extra sleep/power keys) model on Reddit:


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15 Dec 2018, 23:35

I would like the trackpad mechanism, if no one else wants it.


15 Dec 2018, 23:41

You can buy a Glidepoint trackpad on eBay or elsewhere. The keyboard itself is damn heavy.

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16 Dec 2018, 16:18

Alps SKBM White, and please don't throw the board away yet!

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