Cleaning a Focus 2001

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28 Nov 2018, 05:09

Working on cleaning a FK2001 that someone spilled some sort of goo into. I have the switch tops, sliders, click leaves, and springs soaking in isopropyl to loosen the goo before I clean them more thoroughly. After that I'll have to try cleaning the contact leaf for the B stitch as it no longer register when pressed. It still works if you poke at it with tweezers, but it is not consistent and I could not keep it held down. Hopefully a drop of isopropyl will clean it out. If not can source a replacement contact leaf from an SKCC green or a latching switch.

Other than this and the missing clip for the UV protector, the rest of the case should clean fairly easily. The scroll lock LED also did not work so I will have to investigate that. I am actually surprised at how clean the place and the rest of the inside of this board actually are all things considered. I imagine that the UV protector keeps out a lot of the usual dust and hair.

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