Tiny Caps, Num and Scroll indicator program for you guys.


25 Nov 2018, 07:15


I got pissed while using my IBM Model F keyboard which obviously doesn't have Caps, Scroll or Num Lock leds so I made a little tiny program to display these crucial informations.

Packed with features:

- Fires up in bottom right corner.
- Floppy disk friendly size!
- Has colours!
- Can be moved around just by dragging it.

Feel free to use it if you want. Tested with Windows 10, not sure about the other OS'. Just thought about the struggle of weird keyboards or laptop users. Hit me up if you got any suggestions. Thanks!

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1i--8B ... SE0lXvzqpX


25 Nov 2018, 08:49

Neat idea.

Expanding upon this, I wonder if there is a way for the Soarer's or Xwhatsit converter to tell the OS which keyboard layer is active. As some may know, Mac OS does not use num lock so I have a layer instead to switch between numpad and arrow keys.

Also, it might be good to turn this into a task tray icon (the icons beside the clock) to save space and allow the user to select which mode (LEDs) to show.


25 Nov 2018, 18:48

Good thought. Did Sorarer release scan codes for his converter? If yes, your idea would be quite feasible. And the reason it was not made for tray icon is that I wanted it to stay opened even while gaming (yes I game with F XT)

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01 Dec 2018, 06:04

Nice, I have using NumCapsScroll Indicator for a few years now with my F107.

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