collector interests : F-at, M5-1, white alps and more


01 Dec 2018, 08:22

Offered to the folks here and at geekhack before going on to ebay - interested? make an offer you think is fair for what you see, and if I agree it's fair it's yours plus shipping: (Will ship at cost domestic or international, via your choice of carrier and service, from zip code 90043. For calculation purposes The Model F is the heaviest at around 9 lbs, Model M's weigh in around 6lbs, lets call the rest @ 5lbs.)

Model M5-1 -part no.1370478 with cable (missing one plastic tab on the side, but fully functional), case has small chip off the corner repaired by epoxy putty on right hand side, see pics. (have more pristine version - will cost more if interested , that one is my baby)

Model F-AT - works beautifully, badge was damaged, was replaced with blank metal piece because I got tired of looking at the hole left behind. Modern AT protocol does not need signal converter, just DIN adapter.

Model M - part no. 1391401 august 1990 / two part keycaps includes cable

Dell At101w - black Alps

Focus Electronics FK-5001 programmable keyboard white complicated ALPS with calculator that once worked but now needs new ribbon cables

Focus Electronics FK-5001 programmable keyboard with dodgy calculator (errors ) but includes original inserts for software cheat sheets - white complicated ALPS

Focus Electronics FK-3001 - New! Unused with battered box and user manual, battery (included) version - fully working calculator white complicated ALPS

Focus Electronics FK-3001 - used, SOLAR version (very rare) - calculator works but is VERY faint to see. probably fixable with new solar panel? white complicated ALPS

Focus/Magitronic fk-8000 D-K8000 - white complicated ALPS - calculator unresponsive - missing F5 keycap and has broken enter switch on numpad but all pieces included to broken switch

Chicony 5181 - monterey blue switch missing f1 keycap

DTK mbk-1013 White ATW alps

ALSO for sale APPLE IIC computer bundle - includes original software and user manuals plus extras - (items may be marked LAUSD room # because my mother first got the grant for 30 of these machines from Apple for use in her classroom as a teacher at LA high back in the 80's - rest assured, it is not stolen property =)
bundle includes:
Apple IIc Computer/Keyboard Main Unit model A2S4000
Additional iic disk drive model A2M4050
Power Supply
Apple Monochrome Monitor (green)
Apple Imagewriter II Dot Matrix Printer Model A9M0310 (some cosmetic damage from plastic cohesion or scratches)
Dust Cover
Print Sample sheet
Imagewriter II Owners Manual
Power Cord
Apple Modulator Model No. A2M4020
(allows Apple IIc to work with TV monitor in case of original monitor malfunction)

Apple II Appleworks Program Suite A2D4501/A -in original box, with:
2 versions software disks (3.5" AND 5.25")
Apple Presents AppleWorks Tutorial
Word Processing/Database/Spreadsheet Startup. Program, Sample Files

Using AppleWorks Reference Manual
AppleWorks Tutorial Manual
AppleWoks Reference Card
Packing List insert

CLARIS ProDOS based AppleWorks Program (Word Processor/Data Base and Spreadsheet) 2x 5.25" Floppy Disks

Advantage Computing "The Apple Best 100" 5x 5.25" Floppy containing disks 1-10 of Apple's 100 best programs including:
My Spelling, Grammer Mad, Haiku, Speed Reading, Syllable Puzzle, Hangman. Arithmetic Tac Toe, Label Printer, Tic Tac Toe, Word Mastermind, Calendar, Checkbook Balancer. Kingdom, Market Evaluation Pack, Metric Temp or Weight, Recipe Calorie Cost, Deflecto, Cinquain, Life Expectancy, Cryptologic, Football NFL, Making Change, Hockey, Horse Race. Monster Chase, Othello wit Doc, Corrective Addition, Corrective Subtraction, Corrective Multiplication, Gold Mine, Golf, Checkbook, Pet Pit Pat Pot, Petals Round the Rose, Ordering, Thermometer I, Thermometer II, Trap, Apple Capture, Tom's Math Drill. Laser Search, Scrambled Word, Family Finance, German, Learnit, Logic Practice, Math Dice, Shop List, Synonym Drill, Midpoint, Wheel of Fortune, D.O.S. Instruction, Craps, Compound Interest Tables, Budget Monthly, Blackjack Strategy, Annuity Principal& Interest, Vowel Search, Metric Kitchen, Home Mortgages, Food Values, Fraction Practice, Factor Game, Co modity Market, Chemistry Drill, Roots& PRefixes, Place Values, Laf Island, Financial Pak, Linear Programming, Monopoly, Typing Practice, Flashcard, Mr. Apple 1, Mr. Apple 2, Mr. Apple 3,Mr. Apple 4, Geography, Assertiveness Training, Connect-a-dot, Time Teacher, Planets, Alphabet Antics, Blackjack, Bar Graph, Booze N You, Chemical Search, Football Apple, Lunar Lander, Dynomath, Economic Simulation, Boggle, Gambler's Ruin, Roulette, Math Mastery, SAT Preparation, Stock Market Game, Towers Of Hanoi, Math WIllie Worm, Decision Maker, Ideal Body Weight, Estimation, Fizz Binn
Books/Manuals/Supportive Literature:
Apple II troubleshooting and repair guide
appleworks integrated applications for microcomputers
THe best appleworks templates
Appleworks made easy

Flipn'File Plastic 5.25" floppu disk organizer with backup copies of software disks, some games, and plastic 5.25" floppy disk storage box and various adhesive labels for diskette id/writeproofing
The Print Shop - software for Creating graphic flyers and greeting cards etc.
2pks Extra Nu-kot NK160 Black Ribbon Ink for Apple Imagewriter
50 New-In-Box blank 5.25" Floppy Diskettes (5Box/10ea)
3pk/10 MD525-01 Verbatim DataLife Single Sided/Double Density Minidisks
1pk/10 MD2-D Maxell Double sided/Double Density Mini-Floppy Disk
1pk/10 MD2-HD Verbatim DataLife IBM FORMATTED FOR PC-AT High Density Diskettes
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Chasing the Dream

01 Dec 2018, 10:13

Ich like your solution for the missing IBM badge, GLWS. Maybe @chyrosran has interest on the keyboards with calculators.

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01 Dec 2018, 11:56

That's a really nice apple IIc package. I hope it'll find a good new home.

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01 Dec 2018, 19:11


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01 Dec 2018, 22:23

Some very cool stuff, GLWS! :)

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01 Dec 2018, 22:46

PMed for the AT101w


05 Dec 2018, 01:57

Hi all - been a bit slammed but am trying to answer all inquiries by tonight and hope to ship out whatever is claimed before Friday. Anyone with specific shipment requests can let me know what they are so I can price that by tomorrow,and an email where I can send a paypal invoice once that is done so that they can get on their way ASAP

As of now, the F-AT is claimed and the Dell AT101.

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