Compiling Soarer's converter utilities


09 Jan 2019, 19:42

Hello again,

I'm trying to complile the Soarer's utilities for linux. I have extracted to a new, clean folder. In a linux terminal, I've issued "make" and the name of the Makefile in the Linux subfolder. No errors, but I'm not sure where to find the executables, or even if they were created at all.

Any ideas, anyone? Does this need to be done in a Windows environment, and if so, with what tools?

Apologies in advance if this is beyond the scope of these forums.


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09 Jan 2019, 23:50

I can’t speak for Linux but I did compile them myself many years ago on the Mac. I wanted PowerPC support, and I got it. Don’t remember anything particularly difficult.

Why not use the prebuilt utilities? Vaguely remember Linux files being there. Could be wrong though, it’s been forever since I started.

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11 Jan 2019, 05:15

Try running "make" from inside the tools/build/linux folder.


13 Jan 2019, 16:05

Well, the reason I needed to recompile, is that the pre-built ones don't run on Linux 64 bit, only on 32-bit, even after installing 32-bit compatibility libraries from the Linux distribution.
However, running Make from the first-level folder in the tools (under the "source" folder) did compile them successfully.


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13 Jan 2019, 17:30

I’ll need to do the same on the Mac version for this year’s OS update. Goes to show how long since Soarer was around.

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