KBParadise V80 review (Matias Quiet Click)

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09 Feb 2019, 11:08

Today we're looking at a frequent request; the KBP V80 with Matias Quiet Click. Hope you enjoy the video! :)


10 Feb 2019, 11:00

This is my 'board! I think it fair review. Particularly the spacebar which I had been apparent even to myself, not until recently a connoisseur of keyboards. This product has taught me both the joys and frustrations of going with a "mechanical" board! I'd be interested to know whether others on here have addressed this problem.

I would be keen to know why the Matias switches seem so poor in this application - even mine has problems. Periodically unplugging it and vigorously kneading the keys about seems to keep it manageable, but still less than ideal. Presumably the switches destined for KBParadise don't go via Matias in Canada, so might there be temptation for the factory that makes them to cut corners?

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10 Feb 2019, 13:08

Sadly, Matias switches failing is the rule, not the exception these days. Here’s a couple of recent threads with extensive discussion:


Matias is a good firm, with a history of caring for the keyboard community, so it’s a real pity their quality control has gone to total shit lately. They really shouldn’t be shipping such awful switches, but they are.

You’re right that it’ll be their partner’s factory that’s actually to blame, but these failing switches are showing up far too often in Matias keyboards too now.

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10 Feb 2019, 14:56

Apparently the quality control issues with Matias switches has been a relatively recent problem. I have several KBP V60 keyboards with Matias Click or Matias Quiet switches, and they all work as intended. However, I bought these keyboards several years ago. More's the pity that their switches have been failing in various ways of late, because I find the switches great fun to type on. It is true that they lack the refinement of the complicated Alps switches of yesteryear, but they provide an interesting contemporary alternative to Cherry mx switches.


15 Feb 2019, 09:10

Have you tried cleaning/degreasing the switches, and with any success? I'm going to get myself a key puller shortly to do just that.

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