Does anyone make "retro" USB mice in the style of the old, boxy ones from the 80s?


22 Mar 2019, 09:11

I mean things like the Mouse Systems mouse that was barely more than a grey brick with buttons. :D Those really chunky, blocky looking ones from the early days of mousing. Does anyone make modern USB mice like that? I could really use one for a retro-styled casemod I'm working on.


22 Mar 2019, 10:59

I have seen a optical mouse kit for putting inside an old Amiga "tank" mouse.
That style of mouse was also used with Commodore PCs, and C64/128 BTW.

Edit: It turned out to be for upgrading the old mouse for use on old Amigas, sorry.
There is also a similar kit for the Atari ST mouse.
But at least there are adapters from Amiga and Atari to USB.
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27 Apr 2019, 21:27

There are kits that allow you to convert an old mouse to optical usb one.
Here is a video on how to convert an old Apple mouse, but I guess with a little work it could be used on different old models.


10 May 2019, 05:15

Any update, OP? A retro mouse with optical is a nice idea.


10 May 2019, 05:24

There might be a kit for the one-button Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II later on this year ... but that may not be old style enough.


10 May 2019, 05:35

joedon wrote:
10 May 2019, 05:15
Any update, OP? A retro mouse with optical is a nice idea.
Nothing so far. What I might end up doing is just using a vintage mouse with a USB serial port.


26 Aug 2019, 05:23

I bought one of these recently:


They are no longer being made, but there seems to be a lot of new old stock floating about on ebay etc.

HOWEVER, as cool as it looks in pictures, it is absolute garbage. I did a little review here

Basically, the whole thing feels really light and flimsy, and there's only 2 screws in the entire thing. The PCB is just wedged inside the thing by a couple of plastic pillars. It all just falls out when you open it.
The finish on it is yucky - it has that shiny, smooth, slightly brushed look like cheap knock-off toys, and the red light of the sensor shines through the case!!!. Literally, the mouse has a visible red glow when in use.
That being said, the click of the buttons is actually sort of satisfying, and the scroll wheel works better (for now) than many other cheap mice I've owned.

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