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Cid Fabel

05 May 2019, 17:05

Hello good people of Deskthority!

I have recently been lucky enough to procure a Cherry G81- 8308 for only 10€.

Now what I have been wondering is, could I in theory rip out those membranes, put a Cherry MX PCB in and install some proper switches? Has that been done before? The metal plates in an MY Board do make them heavier and seem more well built..

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05 May 2019, 17:06

So, in theory you'd only keep the case, right? Sure, why not?

Cid Fabel

05 May 2019, 17:10

Ahh, but I want to keep the macro functionality of those 24 PF keys. I guess I would need to keep the controller for that to be possible, right?


05 May 2019, 17:56

The G80-3000's matrix is probably not identical to the main matrix of the membrane in the G81-8308. Or maybe it has two membranes.

What does it look like inside? Please post pictures (and post an article in the Wiki about it)

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The Tiproman

05 May 2019, 19:26

Here are two pics I took long ago:
kbdfr wrote:
31 Jan 2015, 09:53
Just taken 2 pics, first one with top part of case lifted, second one with complete plate assembly also lifted:


Hope it helps.
And for your information, GMK offer what can be called a G80-8308, which in fact seems to be a MX-modified G81-8308: ... yboard.pdf

Cid Fabel

05 May 2019, 22:26

Ahh, but from GMK it would probably cost a pretty penny, whereas I got the G81-8308 for cheap.

Hmm..looking at these pictures, putting in a pcb with proper switches could be a thing. Will have to compare dimensions between a G80-3000 and this thing. If it fits, that would be nice.

Cid Fabel

01 Jun 2019, 04:57

Well, good news and bad news.

Putting in a PCB and trying out if it worked was easy. However, while I was desoldering the Blacks on the PCB to put in the switches I desired, all kinds of stuff on the PCB just came lose, including the green stuff on the lanes. Chyros is right about one thing in his videos: Those PCBs really are shit.

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