Cherry MX stem to Alps SKCC keycap converter?


06 Jun 2019, 02:17

I've got an Apple M0110 that I've spent a few months trying to restore. I've decided that the PCB and switches are unsalvageable, just too thoroughly corroded. Luckily though, MX keycaps fit perfectly inside the plate. The thicc keycaps that came with this thing are too good to pass up, so I'm wondering if there exist any converters for mounting SKCC keycaps on an MX stem. The converter would need to add just a little bit of thickness and height to the MX stem.

I'm also about to buy a 3D printer, so if anyone knows of any 3D models for one of these that'd save me a lot of time with some calipers and some modeling software I don't know how to use.

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06 Jun 2019, 02:40

All I found was adapters from C64 keycaps to Cherry ones. Let me know if you find something, I'm in a similar situation.

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