[SOLD] WANG 725 SALMON ALPS & IBM wheelwriter typewriter or keyboard and other IBM related stuff


07 Sep 2019, 14:27

The same seller now have 6 Terminal WANG 725 keyboards with ALPS SKCM SALMON switches keyboards for sale https://tufotki.pl/nY2AJ for about 50 Euro.

The one seller on allegro (polish site) is trying to clean his garage, basically he is trying to sell everything that he can and throw out the rest. He contacted me to give me a heads up, because I bought sometime ago old SAAB keyboard from him.

So if any one is interested her some of his stuff.
https://allegro.pl/oferta/maszyna-do-pi ... 8461043718

He had IBM 3151 terminals with keyboard, but he throw them away a way back (before I contacted him) because there were rusty, but he still have terminals available.

Also he is trying to sell IBM selectric typewriters or keyboards assembly, full typewritter is about price is 45 EURO (typewritter) and 25 EURO (keyboard assembly) with delivery included. If anybody is interested I can act as middle man for contact & international shipment prices.
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08 Sep 2019, 04:36



08 Sep 2019, 13:31

That SAAb keyboard looks badass as hell. It's available?


09 Sep 2019, 12:13

Excelso wrote:
08 Sep 2019, 13:31
That SAAb keyboard looks badass as hell. It's available?
I bought it year back, in next month I will be moving so there is a chance that I will be selling it. But I would need to inquire first how much it might be worth.


29 Sep 2019, 18:18

is the wang keyboard with salmons still available?


30 Sep 2019, 08:26

Sorry not any more.

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