DTA 2019 preparation

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01 Oct 2019, 21:25

Nice work, andrewjoy! :)

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07 Oct 2019, 08:15

okay so, I believe the best course of action for a low-fi DTA 2019 is as follow:

1) Start with just one nomination thread (as per Muirium suggestion). Let people vomit their nominations, at the end check what we have and based on that create the categories. This is the most community driven DTA I can think of.

2) Go straight to the final vote for each category. One thread per category of course.

3) No prizes. Not for the category winners, not for the voters. Full Stop.

I don't think we have wingnuts available. I asked webwit to get more, but I hardly believe they will be ready by the end of the year. So, maybe next time.

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