Rub out secondary marks of keycaps


06 Jan 2020, 20:32

I bought a nice keycap set with keys that have multilingual markings, English and Cyrillic with MX mounting. They probably are ABS and the primary (English) markings are double-shot while the secondary are something else (pad-printed?). What I want to do is to erase/rub out the secondary markings (red) in order to make them as if they are only single-language (English).

Here are some photos to check them out:
keys-cyrillic.png (3.32 MiB) Viewed 472 times
keys-cyrillic-2.png (3.44 MiB) Viewed 472 times
So, my questions are: is this even possible? And if yes then how am I going to do it?


06 Jan 2020, 21:27

I would instead sell them to someone who appreciates them, and get new keycaps for the money.

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06 Jan 2020, 21:29

The best way to go about it is to sell or trade those caps for normal ones.
You have DS caps with Cyrillic letters which is trendy. I'm sure someone will want those.

Or as title suggest... you can rub out the pad printing (literally) with your fingers.
But you will get shine on them afterwards.


06 Jan 2020, 21:35

I see your point guys, thanks. Maybe I'll keep them as they are, they do seem a bit cool with this poignant red font.


06 Jan 2020, 21:37

BTW, on some keycaps the print is laser-etched and then filled in with paint. Then, even when you have removed the print there is still an imprint left.

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