Katy keyboard (or K80CS (Key80 Contoured Split))

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27 Dec 2018, 18:19

Dactyl-ManuForm hybrid with opposing thumb clusters:

That looks quite cool and worth a check if you are interested in contoured keyboards and prefer to press thumb buttons in the horizontal direction. It has a smaller number of thumb keys. The required dexterity in the tip thumb segment (phalange with fingernail) for the nearest button seems to be about the same as for my macro key. Not bad.

Also a full keyboard configuration (layout/programs/macros/triggers) can be saved/loaded to/from a file using Katy's qtclient (KeyboardClient) now. And there was a fix of an intermittent bug in firmware when a macro redefinition led to macro storage corruption.

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24 May 2020, 17:18

I indicated that the STL files of the case may be eventually free.
It is true for the K80CS version now.
You can download the K80CS STL files here.
Some electronics info is here.
The firmware source code is in on github.

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