I made a mechanical gaming keypad

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01 Jul 2020, 06:45


I made a replacement for my Razer Tartarus V2. It is a gaming focused Keypad with 21 buttons, a scroll wheel and an analog joystick.

I originally used a PyBoard but had to switch to a Teensy after finding some of the PyBoard's limitations. I also couldn't get MicroPython working well on the Teensy so I had to stick with Teensyduino :(

Still, I got it working and I wrote some monitoring software in Python that runs in Windows and sends new profiles to the Teensy when different game processes are found. I am working on the web interface now to make it easy to change out mappings for different games. Full details are on the github page.


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01 Aug 2020, 03:17

Oh that's nice! Good job!


15 Nov 2020, 17:34

wow thats really cool and i would love to try do it my tartarus is driving me nuts, are the plans for board layouts available , im new to this so just learning, thanks

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