[FS][IT->Worldwide] NMD RT102 "space invader" Mechanical Keyboard 5-Din


21 Jun 2020, 20:59

For sale this NMB RT-102 Mechanical Keyboard with "Space Invader" Switches. Overall in good looking condition, however the casing has some yellowing discoloration. Some of the switches don't take every input and have to be pressed twice to register. It needs a bit of contact-cleaning inside the Springs on the switches. To avoid damaging the keyboard I cannot perform a proper cleaning, hence I'm leaving to the future owner this process. It has an 5-Din Pin connector for AT computers (386, 486 ecc). Here are some photos:

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

Asking price is: 50 euro + shipping
To Europe -> 20-30 euro depending on the Country
To The Rest of the World -> 35-50 euro depending on the Continent.
Payment: PayPal (as Friends if your post count is low) + Fees
Location of the Keyboard: Italy.

*for sale elsewhere.

Thanks for Looking :)


04 Jul 2020, 08:58

sold locally, please close :)

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