What gaming mice work with linux?


10 May 2019, 12:05

What gaming mice best work with linux and ubuntu? Many/few compatible?


10 May 2019, 12:27

These days, almost everything should work out of the box, as long as it adheres to the USB HID specification. Many "gaming" mice go beyond that, though, to allow configuration of lights, buttons etc. There are projects that attempt to cover this natively (e.g., OpenRazer mostly for lights in Razer peripherals), but even if it isn't an option, you can misuse Windows images in VirtualBox with direct access to USB devices to change settings in mouse' on-board memory as long as it has one (e.g., Razer usually don't).

Anyway, my favorite is Roccat: decent hardware and Linux drivers from the roccat-tools project (unfortunately though, the author, erazor_de, doesn't have time to maintain it and add new models anymore). So, Kone Pure Military or Kova 2016 are still supported, quite good and available at low cost nowadays, but I don't think AiMO/Owl-Eye/EMP support has been added by someone else.

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28 May 2019, 21:46

I agree with everything Devkol said.

I’m also a very happy Roccat Kona Pure owner. A great part part of the Roccat Kona (watch out, that’s not the case with cheaper Roccat mice) is that the mice settings and macros are programmed *into* the mouse itself, so you just need to programme it once somewhere and then all the profiles, settings etc. go with your mouse wherever you plug it in – OS independent :)


29 May 2019, 12:26

I have a corsair M65. It is solid, reasonably cheap, not too nasty for left handers, and was easy to find.
It can be controlled through the ckb-next open-source software driver for Corsair stuff.


12 Jul 2020, 13:07

Welp, I've got to recommand Zowie's! Doesn't having a driver means that it works perfectly without one :D

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