IBM Model M controller into IBM Model F?!?!


23 Jul 2020, 13:12

Hello everyone

I'm wondering if any of you know if it would be possible to swap my IBM Model F AT's controller with the controller out of a Model M. As they are both capacitive designs. Soldering would obviously be needed but would this idea work if anyone could let me know it would really help me out.




23 Jul 2020, 13:24

No you can't. Model F uses capacitive sensing. Model M does not.

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23 Jul 2020, 13:35

Unfortunately, they are in fact different. The Model M uses membrane sheets (hence the term "membrane buckling springs") that connect to its controller using triomates. The capacitive PCB of a Model F is directly attached to its controller (by soldering and/or they are one and the same, IIRC). If you want to replace the controller in an F/AT (or any F for that matter), xwhatsit is your best bet. (Plus, that opens up options like solenoid add-ons too.)

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