Key press registered by just resting finger on rubber dome


27 Jul 2020, 21:03

Hi, does anyone know what could be the reason for a keyboard register a key press by just resting the finger on the rubber dome? It's like it's super sensitive.

Normally the keys require the rubber dome to be pressed to the bottom, but with this particular key I have to leave the key without the keycap since it seems the keycap touching the rubber dome causes the key to register the key press indefinitely.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


27 Jul 2020, 21:08

Indeed that is weird. What model of keyboard is it?

I'm guessing that maybe something could be misaligned inside. Does the key feel different from other keys when you press it?


27 Jul 2020, 21:32

Thanks for the reply.

It's a Thinkpad Wired USB Keyboard.

It doesn't feel different from the other keys, the pressing is exactly like Enter key which seems to be identical to the key with the issue (the Shift key).


27 Jul 2020, 22:22

Oh, so it's a low profile dome... Hmm. Since you have pried off the keycap already everything that could be accessible should be accessible from the top. I would take a close look to see if there is any dirt that can be removed or if there damage to the dome.

Those tiny domes are sensitive and don't necessarily last very long. I've worn out a key on a work-Thinkpad within a year, myself, back in the day.


28 Jul 2020, 15:25

I moved the rubber dome and noticed just half of it was glued, I tried to glue it with super glue but the issue is still there. I also noticed there's some dirt inside the key but I don't know to remove it.

I tried to open the keyboard but it didn't help before reading your post, and found out the keys are not accessible from behind. In the process I used an air dryer to help open the keyboard because it's all glued. After putting everything together, the key worked well for awhile then started showing the issue again.

The keyboard isn't even that old, I have it for less than 2 years, and even considering that I type a lot with it I thought that being a Thinkpad product it would last longer.

I guess I'll have to try to clean it more.

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