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16 Aug 2020, 06:08

I am moving into my new house, and while I still have everything neat I decided to take a picture of every board I currently own. I made exceptions and tried not to take pictures of parts boards or duplicates, so the collection extends a bit farther than this but this is as close to exhaustive as I'll be able to do without taking a bunch of pictures of misc parts bags or empty chassis that I still need switches for.

I have something new on the way and have some projects cooking but as far as out of the box vint stuff goes I'm pretty satisfied with what I have. I'm mostly in it at this point to get stuff where whats under the hood is unknown, keyboard archeology is a lot of fun.

EDIT: imgur truncated the post and there should be more images, trying to fix that fixed
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16 Aug 2020, 06:43

Nice collection :D A few things I things here I haven't seen before.

Was not ready for this :o
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16 Aug 2020, 07:43

Yeah, not the best abbreviation for analyze lol.
Check the album again, imgur didn't upload everything the first time (but sure looked like it did) so I had to re-upload another 18 or so images.

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16 Aug 2020, 15:16

Twinkie from 2006. This is not a keyboard.
Regardless, what's the tactility like?

Oh, and nice collection! I really like the split spacebar on the M. I'm thinking of trying something similar with my M122s since I'm currently sitting on three Wheelwriter spacebars and Code keys whilst I find time to restore their actual host typewriters.

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16 Aug 2020, 15:31

Great stuff! lol, love it when you can redeem a disappointing build by giving it to the wife :lol:

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