Soarer's on MiSTer FPGA?

Jan Pospisil

04 Sep 2020, 13:49

Long shot, but I figured I'd ask.
Is there anyone using a Soarer's converted keyboard on the MiSTer FPGA?
I recently bought a Portable PCIII already converted by a previous owner, and it doesn't even light up when connected to the Mister.
It works fine on my PC though. (I have to connect it before turning on the computer, otherwise it spams random keypresses, but I assume that's the same like with PS2/DIN keyboards on modern computers)

Jan Pospisil

04 Sep 2020, 13:52

Update: The LEDs are not lit, but it DOES respond to some keypresses. Just...wrong. Like 5 on the numpad is enter etc.

Update2: I'm told that Mister is based on Linux, and if it's not a standard full 104 layout, it needs to be configured for Linux.
Anyone got experience with that?
(Ï'm a humble Win user, with no use of smaller than full keyboards up till now.)

Update3: A smart person on Mister discord says: "it's just not going to be easy to deal with depending on where things are going wrong with that keyboard. It should work semi-properly as is, if it's using normal scancodes. If it relies on keymaps then it will be all crazysauce."

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04 Sep 2020, 21:12

I'm trying to think of a nicer way to say that I doubt that it'll work. I'd first say to make sure that your keyboard + Soarer's works on a "regular" Mac or Windows box.

I'm not a Soarer's Converter expert, but I do know that it remaps keys and such in its firmware. At the very least, I'd think you'd have to program the Soarer's with a key layout that matches whatever Mister FPGA you have expects.

I'm not 100% sure how the Mister is set up, but it sounds like hardware emulating other hardware. Putting another level of conversion above that, i.e. the Soarer's Converter, increases the probability of something conflicting with something else.

Key mapping in Linux is somewhat reliant on what Linux version you have. However, I don't think this is the main problem in this scenario. As above, it's probably more the Soarer's Converter and how it's currently programmed.

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