[WTB] Czech sub/legend keycaps

Jan Pospisil

15 Sep 2020, 14:57

I'm looking for Czech (sub)legend keycap sets, with either Alps or MX mounts.
I know these tend to be rare and prized, but ah well.
Perhaps someone doesn't need theirs and wants to sell it to a Czech who'd use it. ;)


16 Sep 2020, 02:04

CRP Peacock is probably your cheapest option, but I don't think it supports ISO (I think you could steal an enter key from an ePBT kit though).

Sets should be shipping in October, but Drop and Hammer don't have the best track record for meeting their own deadlines.

Jan Pospisil

16 Sep 2020, 09:21

Thanks for the tip! Yeah, ISO enter would be preferred.
I was originally thinking vintage sets, because I didn't know new ones were being made. Odd, but nice.


21 Sep 2020, 20:17

I should have quite a few sets from Chicony and other OEM keyboards. Some could be doubleshots. Probably big-ass Enter, though.

Jan Pospisil

21 Sep 2020, 20:34

davkol wrote:
21 Sep 2020, 20:17
Probably big-ass Enter, though.
That is not a problem at all. DSs would be nice too.


21 Sep 2020, 20:41

Alright, I do have at least two Alps-mount doubleshot sets.

Jan Pospisil

21 Sep 2020, 21:16

Cool, feel free to post pics/prices here, or send a DM. :)

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