My local thrift store has a Commodore Pet 4016 for $500


09 Oct 2020, 01:01

Hello guys,,

What's more is that five years ago this exact same location used to be flooded with classic games consoles usually costing at most $20. NES, SNES, Genesis, you name it. Now, if they ever show up they are always in the 'behind the shelf' part of the store with prices ranging of about five times of what they used to ask. It does sound insidious but then again a couple of days ago at a local estate auction I did watch an Atari 2600 go for over $200. So I am not really surprised. If someone is stupid enough to pay that kind of price then others will sell at it.
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09 Oct 2020, 01:48

Of course, the "mission" of most thrift stores is to generate money for their particular cause, not to provide collector's items for their customers at a fraction of their real value. These days, someone in the back room can easily look online to see what a realistic selling price would be on the open market and price the item accordingly.

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09 Oct 2020, 16:20

It definitely sucks, but you can't really argue against this sort of market unless you want 'force' to control the free market and thus produce a planned economy. I think we all know how well that might go once a precedent for that is established.

And continuing from what fohat said, you can't logically blame a business for taking advantage of market conditions to generate funds for their cause.


09 Oct 2020, 23:28

Does make you miss the good old days, when Model M's would sell for under $20 at my local Goodwill.

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