Switch DIN cables between KBs?

Jan Pospisil

29 Oct 2020, 21:40

Probably a stupid question, but better safe than sorry:

Can I swap DIN cables between different keyboards? If they both have the boxy white 5 pin connector inside on the PCB?

(I bought a keyboard that's already internally converted to Soarer's, but I don't have a nice USB cable for it yet. So would it be ok/safe if I put in a nice thick coiled DIN cable for the time being?


30 Oct 2020, 10:28

Short answer - No you can't

Long answer - The PCB side connector is different by brand, model numbers and so on. The only way to be sure is to check the pin schematics and determine what each of the pins are designated as.

Jan Pospisil

30 Oct 2020, 13:37

Oh, ok. Glad I asked.

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