"Anti Stress Enter Key" keyboard review

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01 Apr 2021, 12:16

Today we review an excelletn 1% keyboard! Get yours today!

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The Tiproman

01 Apr 2021, 12:26

Do not miss the typing demo at the end of the video :lol:
Starting at 2:52: https://youtu.be/xRNXa70C3x4?t=172

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01 Apr 2021, 12:38

I dunno man, if this thing just came in ANSI…

The legend is nice. Wonder how they pulled off a nice sharp white on black at this size? Unprecedented! It just better not wear off with all the pounding.

As for the layout, I'm sure some tap-layers could really make this board sing.

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02 Apr 2021, 16:22

Am I the only one here that's disturbed to see that thing has the proportions of a thin ISO Enter key?

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