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27 Nov 2015, 22:58


I got my hands on a German Model M with Speaker.

Does anyone knows how to make it work ?
The interface is a normal PS2.

Photo 27-11-15 22 35 49.jpg
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Photo 27-11-15 22 39 04.jpg
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28 Nov 2015, 00:53

This keyboard was originally made for use with an RS/6000 workstation.

I think the speaker only had the function of the solenoid in older boards. If you search for #6599 on this page ... _locale=en

you'll find a replacement part "Optional Keyboard Cable with Speaker" that you could use if you keyboard didn't have its own speaker. It says: "Purchase is recommended with the Quiet Touch Keyboards for those systems needing an external audible queue", which I interpret as meaning that, like in the old terminal keyboards, the speaker clicked when a keypress had been registered by the operating system.

I don't know what the command to make the speaker click would be, but it must have come from the computer.

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28 Nov 2015, 01:15

Ha! ... board_PCBs

"One side of J10 [speaker connector] goes directly to pin 6 on the SDL connector, which is why the RS/6000 keyboard cable can not have the "missing pin" found on some PS/2 keyboard cables. The speaker is a little 8 ohm, 0.2W job, IBM part number 1392326. "

So you can really play some music on it... :D

If you can confirm that, could you please add that information to the wiki?

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28 Nov 2015, 08:03

I will check the cable to see and how hist pin routes to the speaker.

Thanks !

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28 Nov 2015, 10:24

Nice find idollar ! I wonder if the option is available on many controlers, would be pretty nice mod.

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28 Nov 2015, 19:41

The speaker is directly connected to the Model M connector and from there to two ps2-unused pins.
I have the pinout. I will make a picture and post it.

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