Keyboard Case Transplants

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08 Jan 2019, 21:07

Does anyone here know of a compiled a list of keyboards whose cases are at least somewhat interchangeable?

A potential use for such information arises when you have a keyboard that is in great shape but the case is damaged or yellowed (and you don't have the materials or inclination to do a repair, retrobrite, or paint job. It could be handy to know which cases would work for a transplant, perhaps with some relatively minor modifications, such as drilling a few holes.

"Case" in point -- at the moment, I have a full-size Packard-Bell keyboard (T-9102, I think) that is in good working order, but the case is deeply yellowed. I have yet to try retrobrite or related procedures, and at this time of year in my location it is too cold in my garage workshop for painting. Therefore, it would be nice to know which other keyboards could be used to replace at least the top case.

If we had a compilation of such information, it might be good to add this to the DT wiki.


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