My Magicforce 68 rebuild

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13 Jan 2019, 22:51

I have a dinky Magicforce 68 keyboard, which I bought when it was first announced simply because I liked its keyboard layout (I still do). It also has a nice metal top plate. However, every other aspect of the keyboard turned out to be terrible: the keycaps are shite, some of the switches (I went with the Gateron Blue option) lost their clickiness, and finally the controller died, leaving the keyboard 100% dead.

At the moment I need a semi-decent keyboard to use at work, and I want to rebuild this MagicForce into something better as cheaply as possible. I'm going to reuse the existing case and the top plate, but pretty much everything else has to go.

For this project, I settled on the following components:

- MF68 PCB
- a cheap Pro Micro controller
- Kailh Pro Burgundy switches (mostly because I got a bag of these for free; they also seem to be pretty quiet which is important for an overcrowded office)
- QMK/TMK firmware customised for MF68 by

Not decided upon yet: keycaps (I'd like something PBT and inexpensive).

To be continued when all the components I need for the build arrive.

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13 Jan 2019, 23:56

You ANSI or ISO with this board? Because I have a nice full size white blank Ducky set of OEM profiled PBT caps, 1.25u mods, including PBT spacebar, if you’d find them useful. The only problem being they’re ISO. That’s kept them off my own boards for years. Here they are on a NovaTouch:


Must admit I had to search for images of a Magicforce 68 to know what layout it has! These would fit, with the caveat of ISO.

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14 Jan 2019, 09:03

Thanks for the offer, Mu, it’s really appreciated! Alas, my keyboard is ANSI.

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26 Jan 2019, 00:07

I now have all the components I need to rebuild the keyboard, but I just realised I don't have any desoldering tools (which I need to remove the old switches and PCB). So it will have to wait until my new desoldering pump arrives from the UK :-)

(I used to have a small desoldering gun but I had to give it up when I moved to Ireland.)

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