GMK Dolch assorted 1U Keycaps


06 May 2019, 19:07


I have GMK Dolch Keyset, unused, waiting for its board to arrive. When I originally bought this set I had a Fullsize in mind - but the board will be a 70... So I need some caps, which I do not have in the correct row, all in German, namely:
R2 1U "Bild *Pfeilnachoben*"
R3 1U "Bild *Pfeilnachunten*"
R4 1U "Ende"

I do not believe that these caps where ever made in that row in german, so I search also for an alternative: switching all german caps into english ones, while keeping the ISO-DE layout. I therefor also search for the following caps:
R1 1U "Print"
R1 1U "Home"
R2 1U "Pg Up"
R3 1U "Pg Dn"
R4 1U "End"
R4 1,25U "CTRL" or "Control" <- this one is optional

If these caps would be available in EU for a reasonable price I would be quite gratefull. Can anyone help me?

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