Beamspring issue. Sign of bad foam replacement?


04 Jun 2019, 05:05

The outer layer of my board (ie b 7 8 keys) only work sometimes. Like I've found if I don't use it for a few weeks they won't really work unless I push uber hard but the more I use them the easier I can push. The guy I bought it from said he replaced the foam,and since it's only the outer rim that has issues im wondering if it's the foam. I won't be able to work on it until July or December (Lotta work at work this month come home and am ded and last semester of cs grad schools starts in early August and ends early December) and I gotta find my wire key puller but I figure I can get the ducks in a row now so when I can I can get it going. Wanna make my precious white whale works as well as it can. Unless I find a beamship it'll remain my favorite board( well a 5251 might be able to tie it maybe) so yeah gonna take care of the precious

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