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10 Jun 2019, 09:25

With an increasing demand for quality PCB designs in the competitive technology market today, PCB Power gives you an ideal choice of design services by experts who, will assist you in all your technological requirements besides fulfilling your demanding schedules.


Our PCB designers are accomplished users of CAD tools with an in-depth knowledge of PCB design. We have a vast experience of designing PCB layouts for BGA, FPAGA, Arm/Micro processors, SMT and THT, Analog and Digital circuits, Split Power Planes, Blind/Buried vias, Controlled Impedance. DFM and layer count minimizing according to the customer’s requirement are also, among our areas of expertise.

We are known for the field-proven, well-documented procedures and checklists that we make use of through out the flow of the PCB layout. In addition, we also, present a full set of production-ready fabrication and assembly data.


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10 Jun 2019, 15:33

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