Anyone selling xwhatsits?

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01 Jan 2020, 12:13


Haven't seen any in a hot minute.


01 Jan 2020, 13:25

I have blank PCBs if you want to assemble/solder your own...

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02 Jan 2020, 20:48

Hi, I think right now most people are opting for the CommonSense DMA controller as it requires you to only purchase the prototype board and do some soldering, as well I suppose there are not that many new beamsprings.
When xwhatsit came out, users had beamsprings but no way to use them, so people made batches of xwhatsit to use them. It's my understanding that since then, there has not been the need to make more xwhatsits.. I could be wrong. If you need some help with commonsense I/people here would help.


03 Jan 2020, 09:10

That's correct, after commonsense there really is no need or market for xwhatsits.

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