Compact Alps TKL Help Needed

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07 Jan 2020, 22:19

Here is my idea for a compact Alps TKL
keyboard-layout.png (21.01 KiB) Viewed 354 times
It's going to be a sandwich acrylic or wooden case, and I know how to use swill plate builder mostly, but what kind of fasteners and acrylic thicknesses do people usually use? (not making the plate acrylic, that will be 1.2mm FR-4) Also what type of feet are used usually? Thanks.

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07 Jan 2020, 22:29

Why not just have a full numpad with a numlock?

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08 Jan 2020, 00:47

I prefer to have Backspace instead of a num lock. I'll also make a numpad companion for this as well.

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