[WTB] Replacement Chicony 4-pin DIN or PS/2 cable

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01 Apr 2020, 22:27

I have a Chicony KB-7601 that doesn't have a cable. I tried to convert the old DIN cable to to PS/2 using the cable from a faulty HP rubber dome but I didn't realize that the wires were so thin that they wouldn't strip with my wire stripper. I've decided to just get a new cable.

The connector looks like this:
20200312_034653769_iOS.jpg (1.66 MiB) Viewed 436 times
I'll also consider offers for entire keyboards with good, compatible cables, but I would prefer that they are somehow offered as-is, e.g. missing caps, cracked casing, it's a rubber dome, etc. (wanna avoid having to pay more than I really need to, haha)

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