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05 Oct 2020, 16:25

I already reached out to ramnes for help. In case someone else is in France, bored, and wants to do an obscure favor for a random American...

Could you send me a calculator?

One of my other obsessions apart from keyboards is collecting calculators. I learned recently that a version of the TI 89 Titanium was sold in France with an all-black casing, and is different from the gray casing of the TI 89 Titanium sold in the US. I would have called it the TI 89 Carbon. So it goes.
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Do you think you could find one for me? I've scoped one out on that could be a winner. Maybe you have one sitting in a drawer from university?

My rule when buying these calculators is that all of the rubber feet must be intact, and I must be able to see the screen powering on without any lines or dark spots. Any cracks, deep scratches, engraved names, or broken or missing battery covers are no good.

The keyboard enthusiast's calculators are the old HP RPN models - the Voyagers, the Pioneers, and the HP 48 series. Double shot keys! Steel dome tactility! They're basically the Model M of the calculator world. Accordingly, the newer post-2003 HP calculators and the SwissMicros remakes are kind of like the Unicomp of the calculator world...

I'm stingy and don't really want to spend more than about 40 EUR before shipping. Calculators, unlike keyboards, ship really easily: wrap them in bubble wrap, pop them in an envelope, and off they go.

PM me if you'd like to help, or chime in here if you want to heckle me on my calculator tastes. Cheers! Or, possibly, jeers!

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