Need help picking parts for alps keyboard


05 Jan 2021, 17:51

Hello, this is my first time posting here so I'm not sure where this thread goes. So if any mods feel the need to move it to another section feel free to do so. This is my first project so bear with me I'm new to all of this. Also excuse my English.

I plan to build a custom Matias (or two) keyboard. My initial plan was to do full-size but I realized that custom full-size keyboards don't exist. So I would like to make a tenkeyless instead, I don't care for 60% layouts they don't suite me.

I already have the switches and a set of Taihao keycaps, but I have a few concerns and things that I don't get.

1-PCB: My initial thought is to get the kbparadise V80 alps kit since it seem to support taihao caps (because they need both cherry style and alps stabilizers), but I've heard that the space bar gets very rattly, also it uses a mini usb instead of type-c. I would like to swap the case with the Aliexpress aluminum one at some point but are they compatible? Is it possible to convert to type-c?

2-Plate+Stabilizers: since taihao uses two different types of stabilizers, what would the plate be like? The spacebar takes a cherry style stabilizer and the rest take alps stabilizers. I know Matias sell stabs on their website but they don't ship internationally. Is there a workaround?

I know that's too many questions but I find all of this very confusing and I'm not sure what parts are compatible and I don't want to order stuff that aren't.

Stuff that I already have:
-Set of Matias Linear
-Set of Matias Clicky
-Taihao tomcat keyset (
-Soldering Iron and tools

Stuff that I don't have:

So how would I do about the missing components? And if you have sources that ship internationally that would be great. I'm aware that you can sniff the noob from the thread alone
but spare me I'm a keyboard virgin (:

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06 Jan 2021, 04:53

Not sure about the kbparadise PCB, but this old thread may answer some of your questions.


06 Jan 2021, 05:05

I've been looking for Alps PCBs/Plates greater than 60% as well and I can't seem to find anything off the shelf either. You may have better luck than me finding something. Perhaps mechmarket?

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