[WTB] OKS 477 lubricant (US)

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24 Feb 2021, 20:05

I am looking to purchase some OKS477 lubricant that can be shipped to central USA, so I can mix it with some nyogel to lube Alps switches. I can find the Nyogel here, but OKS seems to be something of a white whale stateside. Their office in the US closed down a while back and they don't seem to sell in this country.

I'll happily pay via PayPal, we can work out price, I am willing to pay what you pay where you are from+the cost of shipping/materials, and a bit more for the service of it all.
I hear in some places there is trouble finding Nyogels, so if there is one in particular someone who has OKS477 needs, maybe we could exchange a swap of some sort?

Thanks all, I have a few alps restoration projects I need to do that I don't want to get to until I have enough lubricant ready for them all that works well.

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