Syncomp KB-8861 white Alps + clones in same board?


15 Mar 2021, 06:53

I bought this board pretty recently for a fair price (by fleabay standards), finally decided to fix the crack in the case and found the spacebar was binding. After removing the switch (didn't realize how easy it was to open in or remove Alps switches from a plate) I found that my board seems to have multiple white switch varieties with similar feel.

The one white Alps switch I've found was in the spacebar and feels slightly lighter and seems to bind less (also the contact leaf is one piece with a plastic spacer as opposed to two seperate loose contacts). All switches respond well to ghetto lubing (WD40 silicone spray).

So in addition to mixing doubleshot keycaps (mods) and pad printing (any keycap with Arabic legends is all pad printing) it also mixes 2 or more variety of switches.

Is it fair to assume this is normal among Taiwanese OEMs in this period?
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