An open letter of thanks

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07 Apr 2021, 22:19

As many of you know, my warehouse is being emptied for good. A number of people have contributed their time and talent, and also donated to the GoFundMe that Xmit setup on my behalf. Many people wished to remain anonymous, so I will list no names. I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the kindness, friendship, and help. You guys are an amazing bunch of keyboard nerds :lol:

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07 Apr 2021, 22:39

Xmit deserves the most thanks of all of us lot. Hats off to you, you crazy keyboard liberator!

And here’s to you too, Cindy. Liberator emeritus! You’re more than welcome. You got me and many more nut jobs here besides some of the best keyboards Texas ever held. Superb! You are legend. May your retirement from this madness be sweet.

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