HPE 87 keyboard


02 Jul 2012, 12:27


Has anyone heard something about HPE 87 keyboard?

I've been able to read one geekhack post on it (only from google cache unfortunately)
and seen one translated review here http://fight.pcgames.com.cn/waishe/zata ... 58206.html
(news post here http://fight.pcgames.com.cn/waishe/news ... 38653.html) and
it seems like it has quite decent "quality" (comparing to Keycool and PLU).

It is available from Qtan store at the smallest price for a new tkl keyboard (61-65$).

What do you think?


03 Jul 2012, 16:52

I would like to know the compatibility of spacebar.


03 Jul 2012, 23:49

Not sure if that is of any help but have a look at these pictures (http://www.waishehome.cn/viewthread.php ... t=hpe%2B87):
nEO_IMG_DSC01934.jpg (123.92 KiB) Viewed 10835 times
nEO_IMG_DSC01937.jpg (72.02 KiB) Viewed 10835 times
nEO_IMG_DSC01946.jpg (80.05 KiB) Viewed 10835 times
1.jpg (69.33 KiB) Viewed 10835 times


04 Jul 2012, 08:51

Thanks! Looks like filco size spacebar which I think is good for people looking for replacement caps.


18 Jul 2012, 09:21

Thought I'd bump this thread as I'm looking to buy this from qtan in cherry brown, anyone had any experience with this keyboard?



18 Jul 2012, 16:20

I recently ordered one from Qtan's store as my first mechanical keyboard - using the MX Blue version though, also planning to make a review sometime. Ask me anything ;p


18 Jul 2012, 18:15

I was just interested in the quality of the keyboard compared to others under $100.


18 Jul 2012, 21:46

Well, as it's my first mechanical board it's hard to compare to anything except rubber domes. The quality of the board itself is pretty good - nothing creaking, doesn't really flex. However, the keycaps are pad printed and they seem to have gotten a bit darker after couple days of use (or maybe I didn't notice it in all the excitement while unpacking), they got a nice font though - the board itself looks better than Keycool compared to photos. All in all, I think it's a good deal for the price.


18 Jul 2012, 23:18

Just brought the black Cherry MX Brown version, will do a review once I get it.


19 Jul 2012, 02:03

Cool guys! Looking forward to reading yours reviews.
Please post some photos and videos if you can.


30 Jul 2012, 05:24

Hi guys,

I have just received my first mechanical keyboard delivered about two hours ago, the HPE 87 in Cherry MX Brown from Qtan's Ebay page for only US$66.99 and it really is a brilliant keyboard however I can't really compare it to other mechanical keyboards out there as this is my first one. Compared to my old Logitech rubberdome though it is great to type on.
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30 Jul 2012, 08:39

'gratz on your first mech keyboard. been looking for HPE 87 pics from owners themselves. a shot of the 'board's underside would be nice.. and a short demo video, as well. :D


30 Jul 2012, 13:25

I ordered mine with browns last week, should arrive today or tomorrw. I will do a review and comparison to other mechanicals I own soonish.

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31 Jul 2012, 05:14

Love the hard blue on the wasd-cluster.


31 Jul 2012, 06:11

I'm also interested in this board. I've got a Filco 10-key-less that I love. I'm thinking of picking up one of these for the office.

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31 Jul 2012, 14:15

I too ordered this form qtan, and planned to do a review since there is very little info on this board.
Unfortunately I received a Keycool instead (which I am also perfectly fine with) so that's going to be a bit hard now.

Looks like it's a good board. Do you know if the logo on the left is just a sticker or if it is lowered a bit into the case? (if that makes sense)

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31 Jul 2012, 14:58

The case looks a lot like PLU ML-87 and Filco, perhaps this is an even cheaper way to get a case for the Phantom. Does anyone know if it is compatible?


31 Jul 2012, 15:07

Guys, I'm thinking about this keyboard and I have to choose between it, and Keycool 87 - both on Red Switches. Are there any bigger differences between them? Pricey looks almost the same, so the only thing I care about are differences in quality, if there are any.
Thank you for your response!


31 Jul 2012, 23:33

On qtan's ebay page he mentioned that some reviewer said the pcb in the HPE is better.
http://www.ebay.de/itm/HPE-87-Mechanica ... 43b17d6204

The Keycool's descriptions says it has a detachable usb cable which the HPE doesn't in case that matters to you.

So far I really like the HPE 87. I got the white version and it is a very clean brilliant white, unlike the cherrys which are a little darker or dirtier white.

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31 Jul 2012, 23:49

I have a Keycool 87 with MX Red. One of the major differences compared to the HPE 87 (assuming it's an exact Filco copy 'cause I don't own one... yet) would be the spacebar. Keycool 87's spacebar may be incompatible with most replacement keycaps. It's an issue in Leopold keyboards (Keycool 87's design is based on the FC200R).

Still, either can be the least expensive way to own an MX Red keyboard and it's for this very reason why I bought a Keycool. It's my first linear keyboard and the Reds are very light, something I need to get used to with all my other keyboards being tactile/clicky.


01 Aug 2012, 10:00

Thank you. So, someone said that HPE has got better pcb, and Key cool has detachable cable. Those are major differences in these keyboards. I don't really need a detachable USB, and better pcb is always better for 1$ difference in price.

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01 Aug 2012, 11:33

Yeah. I'm a sucker for kb's with detachable cables thinking they'd be easier to lug around when work is actually a step away from bed. :lol: As long as the USB connectors are stable, though, I'm ok with them detachables.

Post pics of your HPE 87 when you get one. ;)


01 Aug 2012, 12:44

Sure will, sir! Can't wait :evilgeek:


01 Aug 2012, 14:54

I can't find my camera right now so I took some with my cell. I hope the pictures aren't too crappy.
Keyboard with all the misc stuff that comes with it.

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02 Aug 2012, 03:33

Nice. The HPE whites look better than Keycool's. I wonder if HPE came out with a 104-key version.


02 Aug 2012, 09:09

Yea, I'm wondering about it too. The white version looks pretty damn nice!


15 Aug 2012, 20:09

TDub wrote: So far I really like the HPE 87. I got the white version and it is a very clean brilliant white, unlike the cherrys which are a little darker or dirtier white.
How easily does it get dirty though?


16 Aug 2012, 13:31

I haven't been using it that long so it's hard to say. So far I haven't noticed any significant buildup of dirt. I think with a white keyboard it should be less noticable then with a black or dark keyboard. Overall I am pretty happy with it so far. But I am probably going to replace the browns with panda or ergo clears and I do want to replace the keycaps once I get some doubleshots.

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20 Jan 2013, 23:13

Sorry for digging old thread out but I actually own HPE 87 and would like to share few information on it. It's my first mechanical keyboard so I can't make comparison.

Photos: http://imgur.com/a/R3LAA

It has Velcro strap on the cable which is great. Most of the cable is rolled and kept in place by strap. I use USB extension cord glued to desk and It's just enough to feel comfortable on the go when plugging to laptop.

Rubber on feet are great. No sliding around.

Keycaps seem laser etched to me but I'm nor really sure. Windows icon on Super key and Application Menu icon are partially grayish and looks bad. It seems like those are manufacturing errors. It's nothing serious/annoying thought. Other keycaps doesn't seem to wear - I make extensive use of keyboard and my fingers are sometimes bit wet, sometimes a little greasy.

Stabilizers are lubed properly and they don't creak.

Switches are MX Blue. I really like those and it took me some time to get used to not bottoming those out. Now I mostly get nice click and no clack.

Overall quality is great. It's solid enough that I'm not afraid carrying it around.

For given price it's 10/10 for me, but I'm biased since it's my first.

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23 Jan 2013, 13:02

Got mine too. The overall build quality is indeed quite good. Not as good as with my Filco, however, given the favorable price I think you get the biggest bang for your buck.

The caps are surprisingly okay. I have expected much worse after reading all the comments regarding them on various sites.

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