Give full mechanical to K90


01 Sep 2012, 18:12

What I want to do is give my Corsair K90 fully mechanical keys, preferably Cherry MX Reds, I have become really used to them now, and love them to bits! :-D

How do I go about it?

I have searched the next and Google and here as well...

I have no problem with DIY and "fine handy work"; I am pretty good with my hands, and tools...

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01 Sep 2012, 18:27

I don't think you could unless you made a pcb to replace the dome membrane.


01 Sep 2012, 19:25

I have done this on my K30 (cut down K60).
Of course I only did the F-row, as everything else is cut away.

I filed out the holes to fit the Cherry switches left over from the num-pad, and after fitting them, I used some hot glue to make them as stable as the switches with PCB is, then I soldered some wires to the switches.
Just solder the wires to the solder points of the connector for the membrane switches, measuring what row and column each switch is on, and solder together the matrix that way.

HOWEVER, IMHO, this is more work than it is worth.

picture with the F4-cap removed, showing the red loveliness underneath

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21 Sep 2012, 18:00

How did you replace the bottom chassis?

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22 Sep 2012, 03:30

I am sure he used the origonal one, just cut away.

Excellent mod, bytheway. I saw it on another forum someone had linked to, and was surprised to see you on the general keyboard community.


22 Sep 2012, 11:54

Yes I used the original bottom case, had to do some creative cutting to keep the leg (or whatever you choose to call it) in the back, and at the same time keep as many screw-points as possible to keep things together right...
I did take plenty of picrures in the progress, I can make a thread next week...

Oh, I have not had the time to get it fully working yet, have to program the modifier keys and I apparently have cut a trace leading to a paralyced area on the right (enter, alt, ctrl and windows keys, if I remember correctly)

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