Anyone planing to sign up for the alphaui beta test?


25 Mar 2011, 07:07

There's a chance to take part in a beta test.

Strangely, the deadline is September 2010. Perhaps the product isn't ready, or they don't have enough testers...

Anyhow, it's a back-typing device and on-screen menu chording input device. Somewhat similar to the alphagrip, but looks to have much better quality.


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09 Apr 2011, 08:13

That's actually quite interesting.
You will have the prototype during 3 weeks. You will have to run specific test and use it to perform your daily tasks. We will ask you to give us feedback every week. Everybody can sign up but the prototype will have to be recovered in Paris or Brussels. To sign up, it’s easy; you just have to fill in the form *.

* No travelling expenses can be recharged to AlphaUi and the prototype will not be mailed.
Too bad it's probably already over considering of the cut off date and that I'm nowhere near Paris nor Brussels.

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Input Nirvana

16 Apr 2011, 23:42

Wow! That looks like the same/similar concept with the screen built in that Alphagrip has published for several years. A "non-tablet"!

Also, there are keys on the backside not visible in the photo...
alphagrip-handheld-computer-020508.jpg (19.12 KiB) Viewed 1244 times

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