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by inmbolmie
19 Apr 2019, 19:21
Forum: Workshop
Topic: IBM 5251 Beam Spring Restoration
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Re: IBM 5251 Beam Spring Restoration

Hi! Great work! And lucky owner !! Do anyone know if the crossed grooves in the lower metal plate have any use? I always ask myself why did IBM bother to make that grooves... Are they functional to the PCB , capacitance or whatever? Luca There is a plastic sheet between the plate and PCB with the s...
by inmbolmie
27 Feb 2019, 20:15
Forum: Keyboards
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It slightly reminds me of an HP computer but I will try and research more a bit later. Of course keyboards built into desks were the superior choice for long hours compared to these un-ergonomic systems. 250_1981-PromoPhoto-38.jpg That monitor size and placement doesn't look very ergonomic or comfo...
by inmbolmie
27 Feb 2019, 20:04
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Yet another beamspring refurb (5251)
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Re: Yet another beamspring refurb (5251)

@AJM, Thanks a lot for the " little hooks were bent" tip, I had one switch just affected by this that I thought was somehow broken and now feels perfect after reseating the hooks.

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