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by ysyson
28 Jun 2019, 09:57
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Realforce 104UG "Hi-Pro" out of production?
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Re: Realforce 104UG "Hi-Pro" out of production?

Have you tried Amazon JP? I think there are some there
by ysyson
13 May 2019, 20:46
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: romer g, cherr mx or razer switches?
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Re: romer g, cherr mx or razer switches?

I can tell you a bit about Razer green because I've spent 3 years with them. They're barely tactile, scratchy, inconsistent and fail a lot. This is more of a personal opinion, but, they are too light for me (at least for clicky switches), sound bad and feel bad. The keyboards that you are looking to...
by ysyson
05 May 2019, 13:52
Forum: Workshop
Topic: PingJunior: 60% PingMaster build
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Re: PingJunior: 60% PingMaster build

depletedvespene wrote:
05 May 2019, 05:08
What do you think? Could something like this be workable?
Maybe something with 10 F keys to the side like a 4704? It will make the keyboard much bigger but it looks very good on the model F. Only problem is that you'll have to use a different set of caps because there is not enough.

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