Does Your Ideal Mouse Exist?

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03 Sep 2017, 04:38

CeeSA wrote: you could order with this form: ... 0VMZca9jg/
Damn, you must be the ONLY one on the internet to supply this service :idea: .

You are a Saint to all the suffering Mouse users, stuck with awful cables on their current mice models.

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03 Sep 2017, 12:53

To me Logitech g203/g102/g pro is the best mouse right now. Relatively small, simple and LIGHT with a flawless sensor that has low lift of distance. The g pro has a different sensor, but g203/g102 sensors are 99,9% the same performance wise for a lot less money. The g pro also comes with a clunky thick braided cable which only gets in a way.
zzuper wrote: I could have sworn on the g403, but the wrist says no! -___-
Going back to the g303..
The problem is that the Height of the g403 angles the wrist upwards, and the top is in the middle of the mouse.
The problem with the g303 is really only the Length, low profile with the top at the back of the mouse is the way to go. My favorite shape alltime is the diamondback, but razer.. </3
I had g303 for a while, and the angular shape always bothered me. g pro is the same sensor but in a more conventional shell.

Too bad for g403, I was thinking of maybe getting the wireless version.

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04 Sep 2017, 18:43

Still liking my G403, despite the relatively small size.

Never thought I'd consider a wireless mouse, but I just saw the new Logitech G703. It uses "PowerPlay" wireless charging technology. However, the current price for the G703 is $99.99 and the wireless charging station is another $99.99. At those prices, I will remain tethered to my USB cable for a while longer.


27 Mar 2018, 10:39

I'm surprised I didn't find this thread when I was looking for mouse candidates. I really like the thorough reviews you guys have given the mice mentioned here. I recently needed a new mouse for my non-Mac systems, and I ended up buying a Logitech G403 because it was on sale (199 DKK ~ 27 EUR). So far I really like it. It's the first mouse in a very long time (I'm used to the Apple trackpad, and a cheap Microsoft mouse at the office, which I rarely use), my last one is a Logitech MX310. I also saw the G703, but I could not justify the huge price difference between that and the G403.

Have you come across other mice that you like more than the G403?

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11 Apr 2018, 21:35

The Logitech G403 is still on my home office desk, and I have swapped out one of my Razer DA mice at work for another Logitech G403.

Tied for a close second are three mice: Razer DA, Razer DA Elite, and Steelseries Rival 300.

I also still like the Cougar 550M and Revenger for the size, shape, and scroll wheel, but the top surface is still slightly sticky.

Although the Cougar Revenger S is smaller than the 550M or Revenger, based on it specs and reviews, I'd like to try it.

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17 Apr 2018, 16:28

after a while I start to dislike the Logitech MX master more and more due to it's heavyness. I think a light wireless or even wired mouse is what I actually prefer. And I don't need al the extra buttons and wheels.
Plus the beige MX Master (As pretty as it is) gets super dirty after very little use :(

I am considering the Logitech G403 for me.

Btw. Mouse sensitivity on Mac OS is beyond retarded... What do these guys actually get right, beside premium price for shitty hardware I mean.

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ALPS キーボード

17 Apr 2018, 16:34

I dunno, mouse sensitivity on my MBP 2017 seems to be about the same as my MSI and I don't have a problem with it. I don't like a lot of things about Macintosh, but they are really good for coding. Though I never would have found that out if my office didn't use them (we only have two Windows machines and that's for me and the other QA engineer).

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Offtopicthority Instigator

17 Apr 2018, 19:26

Does Your Ideal Mouse Exist?
Yes it does:

other-devices-f3/ducky-secret-mouse-pbt ... 12656.html

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18 Apr 2018, 10:42

Blaise170 wrote: I dunno, mouse sensitivity on my MBP 2017 seems to be about the same as my MSI and I don't have a problem with it.
Okay I should have been more precise here, I don't actually mean the sensitivity but the awful acceleration, it's a friggin pain in the arse. I had to install some weirdo Steelseries software to actually disable this. Boooo Apple BOOOO! A checkbox would have been nice but they are way to busy inventing shit people don't need.
Blaise170 wrote: ...I don't like a lot of things about Macintosh, but they are really good for coding ....
Depends on what you do, for me personally it's a total disaster. The more sophisticated my Linux gets the more I want to fucking throw the companies macbook (WITH A FRIGGIN TOUCHBAR) against the wall.

Anyway, the thread is about an Ideal mouse and after using the MX Master, I decided that I found a very light mouse more ergonomic than some heavy ass brick with a fancy shape.

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20 Apr 2018, 19:25

@cookie: If you are turning to lightweight mice, apparently the ultimate in this regard is the new FinalMouse Ultralight Pro, which weighs in at an astonishing 67 grams.

It is minimalist in other respects as well -- no LEDs (hurrah!) and no software (yes!). It does, however, have DPI presets of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200.

Rocket Jump Ninja has it rated #3 in his top 40 list. ... ro-review/
finalmouse-ultralight-pro-70.png (131.16 KiB) Viewed 1173 times ... 7642524708

It sells for $69, but it is currently sold out at FinalMouse and Amazon.

I have not tried it yet, but I have also been favoring lightweight mice lately after having tried much heavier models earlier in my mouse quest. I also prefer no LEDs and no software.

For the time being, however, I am still using my Logitech G403 and continuing to like it very much.


20 Apr 2018, 19:56

That actually looks really good. If I had seen that at a reasonable price and/or had the opportunity to try it, I might have liked that one.

However, I suspect it might be a pain to keep it clean...

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20 Apr 2018, 20:07

oh wow! That mouse looks amazing! but what if my hand is a bit smudgy? It won't look that great after 2 months of use, unless you're a clean-o-phile.

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24 Apr 2018, 19:43

Has anyone here tried the Revenger S or the Steelseries Rival 600? What about the FinalMouse Ultralight Pro?

I see that Rocket Jump Ninja and some other reviewers give these mice high marks, but I have seen some mixed reviews as well.

I've been using my Logitech G403 for over a year, and I still like it better than any mouse I have tried (and I have tested over 20 thus far).

The only thing I might like to change about the G403 is the size -- it might be nice if it were somewhat larger. However, when I look for larger mice, it seems that I am back to those I've already tested, such as the SS Rival 300, Cougar 550M, Cougar Revenger, Razer Mamba TE, and Razer Deathadder Elite. These are all great mice, and choosing among them is essentially splitting hairs as far as I am concerned.


06 Aug 2018, 20:33

Been using razer taipan for a while now and i'm feeling comfortable with it, but it's still not my ideal mouse. Would love to try something else.

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02 Sep 2018, 20:22

The Logitech G403 is still the #1 mouse on my home and work desks.

As backup, I still have my SS Rival 300, Razer Mamba TE, and Razer Deathadder Elite.

Others worth a look include the Logitech G Pro, SS Rival 310, and SS Rival 600. However, The G Pro is a [nearly] ambidextrous mouse, and I prefer a definite right-handed model. The SS Rival 600 is highly rated, but it looks a bit too busy and complicated for my taste.

FinalMouse has some interesting models, but their prices are too high.

For those who favor wireless, Logitech has some good ones. I still prefer corded mice.


07 Oct 2018, 21:41

Short answer: I've used tablets, mice, trackpoints, touchpads, trackballs, and then some. I wanted something that had a little bit of each. That device is called the "RollerMouse R:ED". It also doesn't have cursor drift, and as my stable computer game to play is osu!, its a God send! :D
One downside is the price. It took me a good amount of time to get that amount of money for one! Totally worth it though! Another downside is having to explain what it is when someone sees a picture of one for the first time.
This is what a RollerMouse R:ED looks like this btw.
Long explanation:
I've been through it all. Touchpads, trackballs, trackpoints, mice of course, and out a laziness to put it away I used a tablet too. There were traits of each I all likes. The tap to click from touchpads is great for a nice casual internet browsing session, and trackpoints are god like for non-gaming movement period. Not having to leave the home-row due to how trackpoints are positioned and how you can switch hands on the fly was really nice. Mice have unparalleled DPI. Most of the prior except tablets, I use and in the back of my head I'm thinking "if it was just a wee bit faster". Trackballs bridged the gap between touchpads and mice but wasn't quite what I was looking for. But it did have the ability to "flick" which technically makes it take less effort as you're more a less letting physics do the work for you. Great for fast movement and stopping on a dime. But again, that nagging feeling of "do I have enough DPI?" always kicks in. Then there's tablets. The absolute tracking made cursor drifting a thing of the past. While there're a few absolute tracking touchpads out there, for desktop use, and in general, the amount of options available right now is very sparse.

On pure accident I found out about "rollermice". A long time ago I watched the unbox therapy video about the RollerMouse R:ED. Ya I know, his content is a bit dodgy at times, but I remembered that video when I was looking for my "perfect mouse". I looked into rollermice a bit more, and for what little information I could find, I came to the conclusion, "fuck it, let's see how this goes!" Saved up a ton of money, got it with the arm support add on (as I have a standing desk), and I didn't actually expect it to go over as well as it is!

It has everything I wanted. A optional tap-to-click, up and down rolling and partially to the left and right, up to 2800 DPI which while not the gaming mice standards, its by all means better than modern trackball DPI ratings! Next, due to its design, I can use it as a trackpoint basically. I don't have to leave the homerow if I don't want to and keep all of my hands centered. If one hand gets too tired, I can change hands on the fly. I could use almost any finger I want to manage the scroll wheel, etc. If you really want to, you could even use two hands. One for button clicking, and the other for the roller bar. Because of this fluid switching on the fly, I can't really get hit with that clean RSI unless I'm gaming. In gaming, I can only do left hand on the keyboard, and one hand right handling the RollerMouse R:ED. With gaming, there's the absolute cherry on top. While it isn't absolute tracking like on tablets, it does have something pretty close. It DOESN'T have cursor drift!!! I mainly play osu! these days. Its an absolute god send! It even has 6 programmable buttons, and the tap to click can be programmed to something else as well! Technically making it having 7* programmable "buttons".

I just now realized an additional aspect of rollermice that I just thought about right now. I can technically use any sized keyboard that doesn't have a non-removable wrist rest, and not have to worry about desk space! Everything nowadays is always in regards to the mouse. "I need more space for my mouse". "That keyboard gets in the way of my mouse". But because of the way rollermice are shaped, now that entire issue is pretty much null and void. Full sized keyboards ahoy!

The only real downside is when someone sees you using one for whatever reason. The level of "WTF :!: :!: :!: " that's on peoples faces when they see a rollermouse for the first time is quite the sight! Because once they see one for the first time, expect to answer a books worth of questions!


26 Oct 2018, 15:15

I am not sure if i posted here yet, but I wish they still made mice in beige. I daily drive using big terminal beige cherry boards and would appreciate if my mice were also beige to fit next to it on my desk. I use around 800 dpi, and i haven't been able to find a beige mouse with that high dpi. I know that white gaming styled mice exist but wouldn't be truly happy unless i found a beige one that actually fits next to my keyboards without being old and annoying to use (e.g. slow vintage laser mice)

I may opt for a rollermouse

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26 Oct 2018, 15:34

Just a few hours ago I was looking for beige mice as well. I've now order a bit of plastic foil (for wrapping cars in) in beige and will try to use it on my white/grey steelseries sensei mouse.

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27 Feb 2019, 16:07

Anyone else misses the G9x? I'm loving the "new" Pro from Logitech purely aesthetically, but I can't live without the hyperscroll wheel. Dang it.

I've been using the G502 for several years now and while the mouse is outstanding for me, it's so unbelievably ugly and tacky. But it's so useful.

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27 Feb 2019, 16:16

I still have a G9x without cable somewhere but I can't share your enthusiasm for it. I really hated the stiff middle click of the scroll wheel. In the end I used the "scroll right" function of the mouse as my middle click...

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27 Feb 2019, 16:18

Yeah, the third mouse button was not great there. But it's also not great on G502 and neither on the MX master and I have a feeling it has something to do with the hyper scroll wheel.

Rest of the mouse was, for me, fantastic.

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Elder Messenger

27 Feb 2019, 23:55

I have been extremely pleased with my Anker. Before it I had the Wow Joy Pen which had its own charms, but it only lasted a couple of years. I just wish somebody made a decent left-hand "vertical" (actually diagonal) mouse. ... :rk:8:pf:0

PS - the photo makes the mouse look bulky because the hand is small

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28 Feb 2019, 17:15

green-squid wrote:
20 Apr 2018, 20:07
oh wow! That mouse looks amazing! but what if my hand is a bit smudgy? It won't look that great after 2 months of use, unless you're a clean-o-phile.
The surface is matte so nothing will stick to the surface, what I've found is that dead skin sticks to the side due to me rubbing my fingers across the pattern.


14 Mar 2019, 17:31


Great call on the RollerMouse Red

Those things are really unique and totally can be a dream come true for RSI/other point device related pain.

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