Keyboards in movies/TV series!

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24 Jul 2019, 12:20

Apologies for resurrecting a rather old post, just looking through this topic for the first time!
Muirium wrote:
31 Jan 2015, 00:38
To be fair, Amigas and green text on black screens is pretty hypermodern as far as the Red Dwarf universe goes. They often used to punch commands into vertical keyboards attached the walls, as I remember. Which was all odd, given Holly the AI and all that. Seemed a comic cross of 2001 and Alien as far as the tech aesthetic went, only more screwed up than either!
ISTR (from memory of the programme and from my office 30 years ago, and without actually checking either of them...) that most of the keyboards on Red Dwarf, the brown, wall-mounted ones, appeared to be from Philips P4000 terminals; or possibly P7000s, which looked similar but were probably completely different. I never used either computer, the P4000 being some strange 16-bit multi-user mini that had a fondness for Cobol. The keyboards looked dreadful to type on, very flat and short-travel, sort of a forerunner of the Apple type; but they were also incredibly heavy, made of some sort of die-cast alloy covered in the usual range of beige and brown paint that was popular a good 10 years or so before my time there. They do have quite a cool aesthetic but I think I'd have lost the will to live if I'd had to work on them!


24 Jul 2019, 12:40

Here's a Teletype Model 40 keyboard in Runaway (1984):
Teletype in Runaway.jpg
Teletype in Runaway.jpg (64.06 KiB) Viewed 2801 times
vometia wrote:
24 Jul 2019, 12:20
They do have quite a cool aesthetic but I think I'd have lost the will to live if I'd had to work on them!
There are many keyboards I've been forced to use that made me lose the will to live. (and a few I nearly smashed in violent anger)

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24 Jul 2019, 19:06

mr_a500 wrote:
24 Jul 2019, 12:40
There are many keyboards I've been forced to use that made me lose the will to live. (and a few I nearly smashed in violent anger)
The ZX81-style controls on Hieronymus, our Bosch washing machine, drive me absolutely nuts. He's actually really good and at over 10 years old has lasted pretty well, especially as thanks to the "helpful" green restrictions we have to run him twice for each load, the second one to actually properly rinse the stuff. But that's not his fault.

What is annoying is the fact that I need to press the "do something, dammit!" button at least four times before he gets the message. Even speaking as someone who is the real life equivalent of that before finally going "oh yeah!" I find it intensely irritating. Fortunately, washing machines tend to be weighed down by hefty lumps of concrete so there isn't too much risk of me throwing him out the window in a fit of pique.


24 Jul 2019, 20:01

Ah yes. My ZX81-style stove controls are similar. If I press the "do something, dammit!" button slightly too hard, it does a double-press and gives an error sound - like it's saying, "No, fuck off and do it again!"

I hate that stove.

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24 Jul 2019, 21:28

Bounce: the scourge of the universe.

Well, for buttons.

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22 Mar 2020, 14:41

What is a Gateway 2000 - AnyKey Keyboard doing in doom eternal?
Look at it
IMG_20200322_134717.jpg (3.88 MiB) Viewed 1906 times
It's connected to a PC terminal located in doom slayer base. It's the key to access to an Ester egg where you can play at the old versions of doom and doom II.
IMG_20200322_134731.jpg (3.46 MiB) Viewed 1906 times
IMG_20200322_134740.jpg (3.5 MiB) Viewed 1906 times
Let me know if I am right about the keyboard identification....

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22 Mar 2020, 15:19

Yes, that very much looks like an Anykey to me! Good spot, and contemporary with Doom! :D


22 Mar 2020, 21:35

I spotted this Topre Realforce 106 and Microsoft Intellimouse in the anime Steins;Gate ...
darus_realforce.jpg (133.45 KiB) Viewed 1854 times
In Japanese fashion, the Delete key has a different spelling though ... :lol:

A Sharp X68000 is also shown prominently. Central to the plot is a "IBN 5100", which has a slightly different appearance from the real-world IBM 5100
IBM did sponsor a short with the main characters, which had a drawn actual IBM 5100 (not the fictive replacement) in it for a couple of frames.

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22 Mar 2020, 22:07


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08 Apr 2020, 20:50

A whole pile of F and M 122s just lying around in 'The Sopranos. I wanted so bad to reach back in time and rescue them. I just hope some of them wound up on some of your desks.
Capture.PNG (1.54 MiB) Viewed 1683 times
6.PNG (1.55 MiB) Viewed 1683 times
5.PNG (1.65 MiB) Viewed 1683 times

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13 Apr 2020, 20:15

Looks like a Chicony 5161 in Beverly Hills Cop 3:


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14 Apr 2020, 09:30

Ahahah, on the right they are counting the money for a beamspring purchasing. :lol:

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10 May 2020, 18:44

Two Model Fs (XT and terminal 3178) at Greendale Community College's library in Community, season 4 episode 7 "Economics of Marine Biology". Unfortunately, something bad happens to the XT soon afterwards.
Community S4E07.png
Community S4E07.png (1.52 MiB) Viewed 1325 times


14 May 2020, 18:05

Hi - my first post here after signing up for membership following two/three months of lurking.

This is a poster from 'Silent Running' in the early 70s. I'd never paid attention to the computers in this film before finding the Deskthority site, but I guess that the keyboards are Sperrys or Univacs of some kind. I don't know enough to be more specific than that.
silent running.jpeg
silent running.jpeg (603.06 KiB) Viewed 1260 times

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17 May 2020, 14:38

Saved these a couple of weeks/days/months ago? What is time during COVID?
1.jpg (288.32 KiB) Viewed 1205 times
2.jpg (328.15 KiB) Viewed 1205 times
Anyone want to guess the film?

John Doe

23 May 2020, 14:10

EDFEA2EF-4628-4502-BE4F-2F781DDBF19E.jpeg (56.46 KiB) Viewed 1131 times
How about this?

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23 May 2020, 17:18

John Doe wrote:
23 May 2020, 14:10

How about this?
Oh yeah nice! That was such an awesome show :shock:

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16 Jun 2020, 17:21

Whatever this thing is in Leviathan (1989) Boy what an awesome build that rig would be :o :D
leviathan.PNG (4.32 MiB) Viewed 854 times


25 Jul 2020, 23:54

Wyse WY-30 from Counterpart
Excellent series, by the way
screengrab2.jpg (198.48 KiB) Viewed 541 times
screengrab1.jpg (204.38 KiB) Viewed 541 times

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03 Aug 2020, 17:03

Guys, I don't have that image, but I remember there was a movie in 90s - cannot remember title - it was about some boy that was using computer a lot, he had this modem that had to put the phone handset on it to connect - this is only one scene I remember.
I think he was also using CB radio...

It wasn't War Games.

Do you know what could it be?

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