IBM Space Saving Keyboard

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Model M (SSK)
IBM Industrial Model M Space Saving Keyboard.jpg
Part number See below
Branding IBM, Lexmark
Manufacturer IBM OPD, Lexmark, Unicomp
Layouts 84-key ANSI or 85-key ISO
Keyswitches Buckling spring over membrane
Interface PS/2, 3151 RJ-45
Weight 1.8kg
Years of production 1987 - 1999
Price Same price with IBM systems as the Enhanced Keyboard, $69 from Unicomp

The IBM PS/2 Space Saving Keyboard, sometimes known as the Model M Mini or the SSK, was an 84/85-key compact variation of the IBM Enhanced Keyboard produced between 1987 and 1999, and was available as an option on the PS/2, IBM Industrial computers and later high-end IBM systems. While the Space Saving Keyboard was usually available for the same price as the Enhanced Keyboard when bundled with an IBM system, it seems that most customers preferred the fullsize board, and thus the Space Saving Keyboard is less common. As with the Enhanced Keyboard, the Space Saving Keyboard had the Model M manufacturing designation.

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