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The Alt Graph key on a Sun Type 5c keyboard

The Alt Gr or Alt Graph key is a typographic modifier key on some PC and Sun keyboards. It is used used for accessing a third symbol on a key. It is common on ISO layouts and is also on US International layout. If there is a fourth symbol, it is often accessed with Shift and Alt Gr together.

For example, the UK layout "4" key will produce "4", "$" and "€" from 4, Shift+4 and Alt Gr+4 respectively. Extensive use of Alt Gr can be found in languages with additional Latin characters (such as Ø and Å) and those with heavy use of accents.

The third symbol is by convention printed in the bottom/right corner of an alphanumeric key. A fourth symbol (if one exists) is often printed in the top/right corner, consistent with other symbols accessed with Shift. However, often only the most commonly used third and fourth symbols are actually printed on the keys.

The Alt Gr key replaces the right Alt key found on ANSI keyboards.

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