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Editing the wiki


If you are new to MediaWiki, you want to read this:

For your first edit, you probably want to fix something wrong or add something that is missing in an article instead of writing a complete article from scratch. If you feel bold though, you can also go by by copying & pasting from another article (particularly infoboxes, or those obscure tables) and modifying as necessary. Don't feel ashamed, we all started that way.



Use singular (when possible) phrase style titles for page titles and headings, not titles with each word capitalised. So it's Buckling spring not Buckling Springs, and Keyboards with Cherry switches, not Keyboards with Cherry Switches (same as Wikipedia).[1]


Don't put articles in categories which are a parent or grandparent of the deepest category the article is part of. So Cherry MX Blue is in category Cherry MX, which is in category Cherry switches. But Cherry MX Blue shouldn't be in Cherry switches.[2] In some cases a 'List of all ...' category can be made to which all deepest children can be added.

Specific terms

  • Use Alps, not ALPS.[3]
  • Use keycap, not key cap (same as Wikipedia).[4]
  • Use Space-cadet keyboard, not Space Cadet keyboard (same as Wikipedia).[5]

Using references

  • For external references, be sure to post the exact article title instead of paraphrasing it, otherwise it may be very difficult to find a replacement later on if the link becomes dead.
  • Use named references instead of inlined, ie. define your references like this:
<ref name="my_refname">my source here</ref>

Then invoke your reference with

<ref name="my_refname" />

as many times as you need along the article. This way,

  1. the article will be readable by editors no matter how many references are used,
  2. you can reuse a reference multiple times in the article without having to define it again, and
  3. if references ever need to be changed, they will be easy to find.

Don't forget to place the definitions together in a References section like this:

<ref name="ref_name1">my source here</ref>
<ref name="ref_name2">my other source here</ref>
  • Place the References section after the "See also" section, if any, but before the "External links" section, if one exists. This is the same style used by Wikipedia.
  • See Template:Sq for a way to escape square brackets [] which would otherwise break your references, either within text or as part of an URL.


As you peruse the wiki you may find the odd personal opinion here and there about something. Please avoid adding any more. Opinions have no place in a wiki that is meant to be informative and neutral, so we should be removing that kind of stuff, not adding to it. Let's keep it neutral.

See the forum wiki topic for more.

Code of conduct

  • Vandalism will be punished. Severely. (See the block list)
  • No self-advertising. No advertising of any kind, really.
  • No edit wars! Discuss if necessary e.g. using the Talk page of the article in question (preferred, that's the Wikipedia style too), the Talk page of the editor who you disagree with (second best), or posting to the wiki subforum in DT. In either case, do so in a civil manner.


Images uploaded to the wiki should be done within accordance of the copyright terms for the image. The following sources are authorised for image uploads under the terms specified:

All images created by me and uploaded to the Deskthority wiki by me are hereby released into the public domain under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.
just write something that automatically adds "Copyright by Desktority Club" or whatever you think is appropriate. :-)[6]
I hereby release all images I have uploaded to Deskthority to date under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.[7]
Granted under the terms "如果你詳細註明來源與出處及原始來源網頁,引用至WiKi~~這是可以的"[8] translated in context as "If you attribute and credit the origin of the source of the web page, you may use them in your wiki."
Every image I upload to the Deskthority forums as an attachment to a post is also licensed for use on the Deskthority wiki with attribution, as well as under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0. Please ask before using images hosted on, but I will likely grant permission for usage on the wiki.
All of my own pictures posted on can be used in the Deskthority wiki, or other non commercial use within Deskthority, unless specified otherwise. Attribution welcome but not necessary.

Granted under the terms "If anyone would like to add photos from to the DT wiki (or to any other keyboard tech resource), we don't have a problem as long as correct attribution is given to the original source."[9]
Delta research
All photos that I upload to DT are public domain, although the metadata may say otherwise.[10]
I, HaaTa, give permission everyone to reproduce, reuse and copy my images and force curves. No permission is necessary when using images on the Deskthority wiki or similar collection of public input device knowledge. My only request is that a link be provided back to the original Flickr album or Plotly graph so that others who are interested may find more information about keyboards.[11]
All the pictures that are my own work and that I posted in the Deskthority or Geekhack forums can be used in the Deskthority wiki.
All the pictures posted to Deskthority that are his own work are to be considered in the public domain unless specified otherwise.[12]
feel free to use my pictures there.[13]
All my photographs posted on the discussion boards Deskthority & Geekhack can be used in the Deskthority wiki & can be adapted, cropped or transformed. Attribution is welcome.
Man from Mars
All his photos posted to DT that are his own work shall be considered Public Domain unless noted otherwise.[14]

Permission obtained through Sandy: "He allowed you and DeskThority to use his images within Deskthority as far as Deskthority will keep being public, and will not tend to commercial activity earning money using his pictures as advertisement for selling goods. But please keep in mind he will not respond to emails or any inquiries from foreigners to his BBS, or request for trade/buying keyboards … Preferably, please put a note something like "great thanks to Mousefan providing pictures and information ..." or such somewhere in wiki page or any appropriate space."
Every image I upload to DT is completely free to use without limit, for any purpose.
You may use the pictures I have taken and uploaded on Deskthority without limit for any purpose.
Nightfall Blog
License: Public domain or nearest equivalent.
Pictures uploaded to Deskthority as his own work are to be considered under the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence unless specified otherwise.[12]
I hereby release all images I have uploaded to Deskthority to date under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.[15]
See (translation unclear)
Sandy's a little bit of keyboards
Permission to use his images on other websites is given on the website in Japanese
Scarface (스카페이스)
네 영광입니다.
얼마든지 사용하셔도 좋습니다.
출처도 밝혀주시면 더욱 감사합니다.
Permission granted to use his images on the wiki; source pages should be attributed.
All the pictures that are my own work and that I posted in the Deskthority forum can be used in the Deskthority wiki.
Licence: Public domain (inferred by seebart's own contributions to the wiki)
All the pictures I have posted to (not that there are many ATM...) as my own work are in the public domain.
You may use the pictures I have taken and uploaded on Deskthority without limit for any purpose.
License: Public domain
All keyboard pictures are public domain;[16] this includes all photos on see
I'll give blanket permission here for anyone who wants to use my keyboard, key cap, key switch, or any other photos posted by me to this forum for improving a knowledge base, wiki, or what have you. Please provide attribution when you do (and maybe PM me a link to the article).[17]

Source (e.g. URL) and copyright terms should be included in the image description to indicate that image is used with permission and not stolen. Template:Filedesc should be used to caption the image, and it has ready-made fields for source and copyright. This has been the default for some time now, one just needs to fill in the form.

References and external links to pages containing the images should be used instead of uploading the images directly, in cases where permission to use the image has not been obtained.

See also