Datanetics DC-70 series

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Datanetics DC-70 series
Manufacturer Datanetics
Family DC-70

Datanetics DC-70 series is a currently undocumented switch product from Datanetics. According to Datanetics history, the design concept was initiated in 1977; it was to be "very low profile"[1] The switch appears to have been in production in 1982, used in keyboards manufactured by TEC Incorporated, at which point TEC bought the product line.[2] No further details are known.

Candidate switches

Meryl Miller left Datanetics in November 1978, at which point DC-70 was not yet available. This suggests that US patent 4117438, filed in 1977, is not DC-70, but the patent could have been taken out before the product was in production (this project was reportedly "secret"). DC-70 appears to have been Mike Muller's project, which makes ITT discrete snap-action and ITT snap-action array candidates.

Arizona Republic article

The following is an incomplete transcript of the inaccurate OCR version of the Arizona Republic newspaper article from 22nd of January 1982:

TEC Inc. buys keyboard line

… know-how, as well as the equipment and tooling required for immediate production. TEC is producing the DC 70 keyboards for Datanetics' customers. It manufactures video-display terminals for the computer-peripheral market and electronic components for the computer and process-control industries, as well as performing subcontract-assembly work for large corporations. TUCSON TEC Inc. announced Thursday that it has purchased a line of DC 70 keyboards from Datanetics Corp., an International Telephone and Telegraph Corp. subsidiary in Fountain Valley, -Calif. The dollar amount of the sale was not disclosed. TEC is producing the line of mechanical-switch keyboards at its Tucson plant. The keyboard is aimed at manufacturers of home-computing equipment, terminals and small-business systems. The agreement calls for sale of the related engineering and manufacturing data and …


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