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KC mark found on products

The following is a machine translation of the KC (Korea Certification) product certification details found on some product boxes and labels:

Korean English
명칭/모델명 Name/model
인증번호 Certification number
인증을받은자의상호 This cannot be correctly machine-translated; doing so yields:
  • “Cross-party certified” (Google)
  • “The mutual authentication” (Babylon)
  • “Certified interoperability of” (Microsoft)

With keyboards, this field appears to denote the public face of the OEM manufacturing. In examples found to date, the company name is given in English.

인증받은자의상호 This is a variant of the above:
  • “Cross-party certified” (Google)
  • “Authentication of a person who receives mutual” (Babylon)
  • “The reciprocal of the certified” (Microsoft)
제조년월일 Date of manufacture
Manufacturer/country; this field can contain the manufacturing subsidiary where the product was physically produced, and as above, in examples found to date, the company name is given in English

The date of manufacture is normally provided by some other means, and the following may be written instead:

Korean English
참조일련번호레이블 See the serial number label
별도표기 Otherwise indicated


Korean English
중국 China